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Minions Nail Art Tutorial

How to do minion nails. Despicable Me minions nail art.

I first fell in love with minions in ‘Despicable Me’. I was thrilled when I heard they got their own movie and I couldn’t wait to see it! Personally, I loved the ‘Minions’ movie and I think they’re so adorable especially when I can’t understand what they’re saying. Therefore, I was so excited to make minion nails!
I made my first set of minion nails for my friend, Katie. Thank you so much, Katie, for the minions nail art inspiration! I had no idea how I was going make minions nails, but I started by picking the colors and gathering my tools, then it was time to get to work. I soon discovered that these little minions were pretty easy to make; however, they did require several steps but nothing too difficult. That’s when I thought it would make a great minions nail art tutorial. I had so much fun giving each minion different facial expressions. I’m so excited for you to make your very own minions! So, get creative and make your favorite minion…Kevin, Stuart or Bob!

Polish and Tools:

Nail Polish:
China Glaze – HAPPY GO LUCKY
L’Oreal – Jet Set to Paris
ZOYA – Willa
NCLA x Karen G. – White Deco
Orly – Shine
RGB – Cognac
Seche Vite – Top Coat

Dotting Tools
Detailing Nail Art Brush
Striping Tape

How to:

Step 1
Apply two coats of China Glaze – Happy Go Lucky allow time to dry.

Step 2
Overalls – Start by creating an outline using a nail art brush dipped in L’Oreal – Jet Set to Paris. Create the neckline by starting on one side of the nail and sweeping the brush towards the other side. Make two vertical lines on each side of the nail and a horizontal line in between the neckline and free edge. Once you’ve completed your outline fill in the middle and sides using Jet Set to Paris.

Step 3
Goggle strap – Use striping tape to create the perfect horizontal line. Fill in with Zoya – Willa black nail polish and carefully remove the tape while polish is still wet. Use a small dotting tool dipped in black nail polish to create two buttons on the overalls.

Step 4
Eyes – Using a large size dotting tool make two silver dots using Orly – Shine.

Step 5
Eyes – Using a medium size dotting tool make two white dots using NCLA x Karen G. – White Deco inside the silver dots.

Step 6
Eyes – Using a small size dotting tool make two brown dots using RGB – Cognac inside the white dots.

Step 7
Eyes & Smile – To complete the eyes use the smallest size dotting tool make two small black dots using Zoya Willa inside the brown dots. Using the same black nail polish and nail art brush carefully create the minions smile. Finish and lock in your minions nail art design by using Seche Vite Fast Drying top coat.

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