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Formula X Delete All Nail Polish Remover

Formula X Delete All Nail Polish Remover is a quick and convenient nail polish remover with a pre-soaked five-finger sponge. I was excited to test this product, but I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I’m used to cotton pads and nail polish remover. I was worried about “soaking” my nails. Thus, I was afraid I would have to soak them for a long time before I saw any results. I was surprisingly amazed by this product! This nail polish remover is in fact instant and the results were faster than expected. In less than one minute my nails were completely clean.
I simply dipped my fingers into the 5 five holes. I “soaked” my nails for 10-30 seconds while rubbing my fingers back and forth against the sponge. Finally, I removed my fingers and my nails were completely clean. I washed my hands and moisturized them right after.Formula X Delete All Nail Polish RemoverThis product is perfect for those of us who love painting our nails, but dread taking the nail polish off. I like products that save me time and make my life easier. Plus there was no mess to clean up. It’s worth every penny! It’s now on my must-have products list. In the video above I used Nars in Purple Rain and did an amazing job removing a dark polish. I have yet to try removing glitter nail polish, but I’m sure it will get the job done in an instant. I would not suggest traveling with this jar since you run the risk of spilling. However, I would keep this at home and even suggest removing your polish at home before your next nail appointment to save you and your nail tech time 🙂 Just remember to wash your hands before your next polish application.

Available at Sephora and sephora.com

I would love to know who else has tried Formula X Delete All Nail Polish Remover?

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