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Feathered Manicure

How to get the feather manicure tutorial. Using Ciaté feathered manicure kit.

Ciaté London Feathered Manicure

I was intrigued by the feathered manicure nail trend when it first hit the runway. That’s when I first decided to give the feathered manicure nail trend a try. However, I remember the hassle of driving to the arts & craft store to gather all of the supplies. Ciaté took inspiration straight from the runway and made it even easier to achieve the feathered nail look by creating a Feathered Manicure kit ready with all the supplies needed.

ciate feathered manicure kit

The Ciaté Feathered Manicure kit allows you to create your own feathered manicure straight from home. The kit comes with different colored feathers to choose from. Customize your feathered nail look by creating a multi-colored feathered manicure. Make your feathered manicure stand out by using a white nail polish as the base.

Kit Contains:
Speed Coat Pro
Mini Ciaté Paint Pot
Mini Scissors
Nail File Block
Assortment of 40 Feathers

Step 1
Lay out feathers and choose the best sized feather for each fingernail.
Step 2
Apply two coats of the mini Ciaté Paint Pot allow time to dry.
Step 3
Apply a generous coat of Speed Coat Pro (one at a time).
Step 4
Gently lay and press the feather flat onto the nail while still wet.
Step 5
Allow time to dry and trim any excess feather using Ciate mini scissors.
Step 6
Apply a second coat of Speed Coat Pro to seal in the feather.
Step 7
Allow time to dry and use the block file vertically to buff away the excess feather at the free edge.

Enjoy your feathered manicure! karen g nails signature

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