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Clothes Companion

Clothes Companion

Hello! I’m excited to introduce ClothesCompanion !!! Clothes Companion is a company dedicated to making quality dog clothing and accessories for your close companion. A family based company in Los Angeles, CA. All of the items are made in their factory. They provide a workplace that supports our local economy and workforce. Manufacturing their own products in-house gives them the ability to pay close attention to every detail from start to finish. ClothesCompanion strives to produce high quality products that your dogs, pet and even cats will love ♥︎

ClothesCompanion offers a variety of products for all your close companions. From the smallest to largest dog you can find the perfect item for your pet.

Obsessed with the matching dog collars and leashes. Available in four sizes from XS-XL with two width sizes for the leash.

Clothes Companion Matching Dog Collar and Leashes

Clothes Companion

Going to a luau?!? Dress your pup in the Kane Hawaiin button-up shirt. Your dog will be so stylish making his rounds at the party. Also, whenever you just want to style your dog the plaid shirts make the perfect outfit. All of their shirts feature a side back pocket and cuffed sleeves.

Clothes Companion The Kane Dog Shirt Hawaiian

Clothes Companion The Kane

Clothes Companion Plaid Dog Shirts

Clothes Companion Plaid Shirts

Clothes Companion Classic Tie and Double- Snap Bandanas are the perfect accessories for your four-legged friend.
Each bandanas has  personality of their own much like our furry companions. Like every designer they get their inspiration from the world them. Each bandana was inspired by and named after their family and friends close companions.

Clothes Companion Double Snap Bandana

Dog Double-Snap Bandana

Clothes Companion Dog Classic-Tie Bandana

Classic-Tie Bandana

Teepee’s are the perfect escape for any pet and a great addition to any room in the home. Your close companion will finally have a place to call their own.
They come in different colors, patterns and sizes and are lightweight, durable, easy to transport and no assembly required. Storing and setting up is easy as taking it out of the bag and placing in the removable pillow pad.
Take your pups teepee on the go to the park, beach or camping.
Dogs and cats will enjoy having their own space. Find your close companion their happy place.

Clothes Companion Dog Teepee

Dog Teepee

Find the perfect product and size for all your pet companions wether your dogs are holdable or huggable at clothescompanion.com

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