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’Tis the season for Glitter!

marc jacobs glinda silver glitter

Marc Jacobs – Glinda 

’Tis the season for Glitter!
The Holidays are here and what’s more appropriate than glitter for this season.
Glitter is perfect for all the holiday parties and puts you right in the mood for New Years!
I love the sparkle, shine, and shimmer…it’s like a mini celebration right at your fingertips!
I take full advantage of the Holiday season by wearing all my favorite glitter nail polishes.

marc jacobs glinda glitter nails

My pick of the glitter was…Marc Jacobs nail lacquer in Glinda!
Glinda has definitely made my list of favorite silver glitter nail polishes. I was able to achieve full coverage with only two coats of polish…amazing!
Skip the jewelry and deck out your fingernails with a little bit of glitter and let your fingernails be your best accessory this season.

Bring on the GLITTER…

marc jacobs glinda glitter nail look

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JINsoon Chinoiserie Collection

JINsoon Chinoiserie Holiday 2015 Collection

JINsoon Chinoiserie Collection

JINsoon Chinoiserie Holiday Collection

Just in time for the holidays Jin Soon creates the JINsoon Chinoiserie Collection. The Holiday 2015 collection was inspired by the 17th century French design style chinoiserie. Jin Soon Choi says, she was drawn to the elegant hues and design used in Chinoiserie décor and jewelry.

This elegant collection features three gorgeous nail polishes that capture the “Chinese-esque” elements in its holiday collection.JINsoon Chinoiserie CollectionGlacé – Glitter polish with a mix of gold, silver and blue glitters.JINsoon Glace part of the Holiday 2015 Chinoiserie Collection
Cachet – Light Gold shimmer polish.

JINsoon Holiday 2015 Chinoiserie Collection in Cachet
Opulence – Red polish with a hint of metallic dust.JINsoon Opulence part of the Holiday 2015 Chinoiserie Collection

I was immediately drawn to the shade of Opulence and just like it’s been described this red is truly striking and romantic, its the perfect red for a Holiday collection.

JINsoon Chinoiserie Opulence Nail Polish

A Holiday collection is not complete without some glitter! I was thrilled to see a gold glitter polish in this collection. I was surprised when I noticed that Glacé polish had a mix of gold and blue glitter.

JINsoon 2015 holiday nail look using chinoiserie collection

I wanted to create a holiday nail look using both lacquers Glacé and Opulence from JINsoon Chinoiserie collection by doing a glitter ombre. I noticed Glacé had a good amount of coverage with only one coat of polish. The mix of different sized gold and blue round glitters gave this holiday nail look that extra sparkle.

JINsoon Chinoiserie Holiday Nail Look 2015

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Ombré Nails

Ombré Nails Tutorial by karengnails

Ombré Nails

One of my favorite nail looks at the moment is Ombré nails. I love doing ombré nails because the color combinations are endless. However, it was once one of the messiest nail looks. The first time I ever did ombré nails I spent over 10 minutes trying to clean up all of the nail polish around my cuticles. So, I tried using scotch tape and Elmer’s glue around my cuticles, but none of these methods quite worked for me. I still had a lot of clean up to do and I noticed the nail polish remover was drying out my cuticles!

In effort to solve this issue, I started using Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil around my cuticles. This method killed two birds with one stone! The cuticle oil made clean up so much easier with less nail polish on my skin. Plus it didn’t dry out my cuticles or fingers. Ever since then creating ombré nail looks has been so much easier.

How do I get the ombré effect? To create my ombré nails I use the make-up sponge technique. Below I created a tutorial with all of the steps I use to create ombré nails.

Ombré Nails. Nail Art Tutorial mint to green nails.

LVX – Mynt
LVX – Femme
Makeup Sponge
Dr. Hauschka Neem Nail Oil
Small Concealer Brush
Seche Vite – Top Coat

Step 1
Choose two nail polish colors to create your ombre. Unscrew the lids of the polish and leave them open.

Step 2
Apply two coats of LVX – Mynt allow time to completely dry.

Step 3
Apply three coats of LVX – Femme to half of the makeup sponge and two coats of LVX – Mynt to the other half.

Step 4
Using a small concealer brush carefully apply cuticle oil all around the sides and cuticles. Apply one single coat of LVX- Femme toward the middle of the makeup sponge to blend the two colors together.

Step 5
Grab the sponge and place it directly in the middle of the nail, then gently apply pressure while rocking the sponge back and forth in the same spot. Re-apply the nail polish colors to the sponge for every other nail. (Don’t forget to apply one coat of Femme in the middle). Repeat this step 2-3 times for each nail until you’ve reached an ombré effect.

Step 6
Use a small concealer brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the sides and around the cuticles. Finally, lock in and blend that ombré by applying one coat of Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.

I LOVE ombré nails! Who else has tried doing ombré nails? Let me know what’s your favorite color combination and what technique has worked for you?

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Feathered Manicure

How to get the feather manicure tutorial. Using Ciaté feathered manicure kit.

Ciaté London Feathered Manicure

I was intrigued by the feathered manicure nail trend when it first hit the runway. That’s when I first decided to give the feathered manicure nail trend a try. However, I remember the hassle of driving to the arts & craft store to gather all of the supplies. Ciaté took inspiration straight from the runway and made it even easier to achieve the feathered nail look by creating a Feathered Manicure kit ready with all the supplies needed.

ciate feathered manicure kit

The Ciaté Feathered Manicure kit allows you to create your own feathered manicure straight from home. The kit comes with different colored feathers to choose from. Customize your feathered nail look by creating a multi-colored feathered manicure. Make your feathered manicure stand out by using a white nail polish as the base.

Kit Contains:
Speed Coat Pro
Mini Ciaté Paint Pot
Mini Scissors
Nail File Block
Assortment of 40 Feathers

Step 1
Lay out feathers and choose the best sized feather for each fingernail.
Step 2
Apply two coats of the mini Ciaté Paint Pot allow time to dry.
Step 3
Apply a generous coat of Speed Coat Pro (one at a time).
Step 4
Gently lay and press the feather flat onto the nail while still wet.
Step 5
Allow time to dry and trim any excess feather using Ciate mini scissors.
Step 6
Apply a second coat of Speed Coat Pro to seal in the feather.
Step 7
Allow time to dry and use the block file vertically to buff away the excess feather at the free edge.

Enjoy your feathered manicure! karen g nails signature