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Art Deco Nails

Art Deco Nail Art karengnails.com

I was inspired by art deco when I first created this nail look last year. I loved it so much and promised many of you to do a quick tutorial and show you exactly how I did it. The steps are easy and these art deco nails can easily be done! I will admit my biggest nemesis when it comes to nails is the amount of time it takes for nail polish to dry. I’m trying to learn to be more patient and accept the fact that I need to let my nails dry in between each step…it’s not easy but it can be done! My solution is watching my favorite YouTube beauty gurus in between each step for these art deco nails 🙂 Remember this art deco nails design can be done in any color combination you like so…get creative!

Art Deco Nails Tutorial at karengnails.com

Essie – Licorice
Zoya – Rocky
Ciate – Power Dressing 063
Seche Vite – Top Coat
Gold Striping Tape
Nail Art Liner Brush

Step 1
Apply two coats of Zoya ‘Rocky’ allow time to completely dry.

Step 2
Using the liner brush paint two black lines using Essie ‘Licorice’ starting at the sidewall of the nail and painting towards the free edge in order to create the perfect peak where the two black lines will meet.

Step 3
Fill in the the sides using Essie ‘Licorice’.

Step 4
Using the liner brush paint two lines using Ciate ‘Power Dressing 063’ starting at one side of the free edge painting towards the middle and drawing another line on the other side painting towards the middle until both lines meet and create a ‘V’.

Step 5
Fill in the ‘V’ using Ciate ‘Power Dressing 063’ allow time to dry.

Step 6
Apply two pieces of gold striping tape to outline the ‘V’ shape that was just created. Finally, lock in your art deco nails design by applying one coat of Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my art deco nails inspired tutorial and I can’t wait to see your nails!

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